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►   Extends Battery Life to more than double
►   Increases Charge Acceptance, thus decrease charging time
►  Cleans sulfate deposits on battery plates
►  Enhance backup (running time) of UPS Battery banks
►  Enhance backup (running time) of Solar system Battery banks
Scientific evidence as well as field tests done on trucks, fork-lifts, golf carts, UPS, Solar battery
banks etc., have shown that Batteryplus extends battery life by preventing sulfation.
Sulfation can be eliminated from lead acid batteries, and prevented, with periodic battery
maintenance using Batteryplus Lead-Acid Battery Rejuvenator & Stabilizer.


1- A Winning American technology.
2- 100% Non-toxic and Biodegradable.
3- Environmentally safe and harmless to personnel.
4- Batteryplus provides excellent savings against high priced new battery costs.
5- Batteryplus contributes and saves the environment from millions of acid-lead batteries discarded 
How to Use?
1. Shake well before using.
2. Avoid contact with metals and direct sunlight.
3. Wear safety glasses while working around batteries.
4. Add Batteryplus to battery according to Dosage Chart below.
5. Check acid level in each cell.
6. Charge battery after treatment or continue with normal use,
    allow 15 - 20 Charge/Discharge cycles for maximum effect.
7. Wash hands with soap after use
Batteryplus is added directly to the battery cells. Batteries can NOT be harmed by over treating. See the back of bottle label for more information on Directions for Use and Dosage Instructions.
1.    Short Cycle Batteries (Auto) :   Re-treat every 9-12 months depending upon climate/usage, or whenever
                                                            you want to boost the performance of your battery.
2.    Deep Cycle Batteries (UPS) :    Re-treat every 9-12 months depending upon climate/usage, or whenever
                                                            you want to boost the performance of your battery.
   Batteryplus  Required    
1 oz. 30 ml / cell
1 oz. 30 ml / cell
1 oz. 30 ml / cell
1 oz. 30 ml / cell
Ѕ oz. 15 ml / cell
  Number of Cells 
6 Cells
6 Cells
6 cells
6 Cells
6 cells
  Type of Battery
12-Volt  Deep Cycle (UPS)
12-Volt Deep Cycle (Solar)
12-Volt Large Truck
6-Volt Golf Cart
12-Volt Auto (Car/Jeep)
Total Amount Required 
6 oz. / 180ml
6 oz. / 180ml
6 oz. / 180ml
6 oz. / 180ml
3 oz. / 90ml
This Product has been tested and proven to be the # 1 Battery Additive Worldwide for the last 35 Years !
don't let your battery die prematurely!
0.20 x ________ (Battery Amp/h) = ________ (Quantity required to treat 1 Cell)
Sulfation of batteries starts when the specific gravity falls below 1.225 or voltage measures less than 12.4 (12v battery) or 6.2 (6v battery)
What is Batteryplus ?
Batteryplus is a non-corrosive, non flammable, water based  liquid battery treatment formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. Batteryplus is recommended for use in the batteries of Autos, Boats, Golf carts, Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) battery banks, solar system battery banks, Trucks, Electric forklift batteries, or any other lead acid battery dependent devices.
How Batteryplus works ?
Batteryplus is not only a simple Anti-sulfation chemical, like ordinary available in the market. Batteryplus works as a catalyst and is a compound of Anti-sulfation, Anti-dendrite, Anti-corrosion, Electrolyte Equalizing and Tonifieng agents.
1-    Anti-sulfation
In-Active sulfation is a residue that remains on the battery plates after current is produced, this residue increases with each charge and discharge cycle as the battery ages. Over times the residue (in-active sulfation) resistance chokes out the batteries ability to produce or store an electrical current. This is important to know that "Active sulfation" is a natural part of a battery's chemistry, where as "In-Active sulfation "converts into a non-conductor layer on battery plates and disturbs the electrons free flow . Batteryplus is the only patented product in the market which effectively reduces existing In-active sulfation and prevents the formation of In-active sulfation by improving the battery chemistry.
2-    Anti-dendrites
Dendrite is the shedding of active material from the Battery positive plates due to increase in size and crystaliation.  Batteryplus protects the active material of positive plates against shedding prematurely.
3-    Anti corrosion
internal chemistry of the battery is speedily prone to corrosion, Batterplus prevent and slows the speed of corrosion.
4-    Equalization
Batteryplus improve the electrolyte gravity and always maintain it to the normal values, which help the battery cells to accept the charging and retain the charge for maximum time.
5-    Tonifieng
Batteryplus improve the conductivity of battery cell's negative and positive plates, Battery electrolyte lose its sulphric acid contents due to crystallization, Batteryplus  dissolves the crystallized sulphuric acid (Pbso4) thus tonify the electrolyte.
Why Batteryplus is developed?
What does Batteryplus do ?
The relative gravity, which must increase (when charged) and decrease (when discharged), is a key indicator of the lead-acid Battery's health. The chart below shows the normal deterioration of a lead-acid battery, both with and without Batteryplus. A satisfactory relative gravity at 68°F (20°C) is 1.280. A difference in specific gravity of just 0.03 can make as much as a 20% difference in the discharge capacity. By adding Batteryplus, the relative gravity will recover to 1.280 or greater in six months to one year.
Research studies show Batteryplus minimizes the accumulation and  crystallization of sulfate ions. These ions (SO4), existing in the  electrolyte (diluted sulfuric acid), become attached to the electrodes  when discharged (the specific gravity decreases) and return to the  solution when charged (the specific gravity increases). This is part of a  normal operation.
However, as this cycle is repeated, sulfate ions that are not actually  involved in charging and discharging accumulate at the electrodes and  crystallize, thus preventing full charging and discharging.
The product of this accumulation and crystallization is called  "sulfation". This is what causes battery performance to first deteriorate  and then die years earlier than normal life cycles.

In-active Sulfation build-up creates a degenerative  condition which will increase  exponentially, clogging the pores of the lead plates and eventually restricting the flow of  current, Batteryplus micro-particles separate and degrade sulfate on plates via electrical  induction.
The sulfates are suspended in the electrolyte and the sulfates blends homogeneously back in  with the electrolyte, It is a simple reverse process, Batteryplus increases the capacity in  the battery to hold electricity. Batteryplus improves battery chemistry, prevents formation of in-active sulfation in new batteries, dissolves in-active sulfation and prevent shedding  of active material in old batteries, thus returns battery performance as close to new as  possible. With periodic battery maintenance using Batteryplus :
The concept of cleaning out batteries has been going on for years. People often wash them out using a simple jet of water or quite commonly change the old  electrolyte solution with the new solution, which is like killing the battery there are many other drawbacks of changing electrolyte i.e.  It takes away many  of the elements originally placed in the paste design by the battery manufacturers also the fresh sulphuric acid in new electrolyte solution attack the lead,  which become even more brittle and dry, this totally upset the (chemistry)specific gravity levels.
Batteryplus is the only additive developed to clean and alloy the working parts with in a lead acid battery by means of electro-chemical reaction, without  disturbing the ideal chemistry/gravity of battery.
Usefulness in Dead or Short circuit battery is limited
Batteries CAN NOT be harmed by over treating.
See the back of bottle label for more information on Directions for Use and Dosage.
that of a new one and maintains it for a longer period.
6- Batteryplus enhances the performance of "batteries in use," prolongs the replacement cycle
to landfills, every year.
7- Batteryplus enhances the performance of about 70% of "deteriorated batteries" to about 90% of
twice or more and reduces replacement costs.